Monday, June 23, 2008

So Far...So Fantastic

Well so far 2008 has been very, very good to me!! Feb I got married to the most fabulous woman to ever walk the Earth, April I bought a new-to-me full sized gas guzzling truck, May we bought Brooke a brand new SUV, June I start my new job. But little did we know what June also had in store....A BABY ON THE WAY!!! WOOT WOOT!! We found out the wife is pregnant and I AM PUMPED!!! Im hoping for a puppy!! hahaah just pickin!! I really really want a boy, but a guy can never have too many "Daddy's Girls". On second thought after a week with my 11 year old and her nearing adolescence....I dont know if I want another walking hormone on wheels...Lets keep our fingers crossed for a little boy. Besides, I can potty train him outside by teaching him to spell his name out on the tree....on the the dirt.....side the house....on mom's get the point. Boys come equipped with their own magic wand LOL!!! Ill keep ya posted....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Night Shift

I started the new job and the crew is hilarious!!! However, Im coming off my first 12 hour night shift. I've been here since 6pm. I'm exhausted!! Not that we did anything except cut up and watch Deja Vu. Excellent movie. And to think, everybody thought by me taking a new job I would actually have to work. HA! Anyway, Im ready to go home. Ill try to post something weird on tonights shift.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One Last Email....

So today I sent out my last hoorah email to all my friends with the company since tomorrow is my last day. I kept it very light and goofy. Nobody woulda believed a serious email from me. I sent it to everybody I know at the company...I think. Now here's the issue. I'm sending out a goodbye email. That DOES NOT mean I need a reply from everyone with "Good Luck". How impersonal is that? If you dont want to actually talk, then dont bother me with a "good Luck" email. It's kinda like saying "So What?" I dont know, just kinda strange... but then again, who cares??? I'm OUTTA HERE!!