Monday, October 27, 2008

My Poor Lil S.I.L.

I couldnt help but develop a sense of sadness for my dear sweet Sister-in-law. I'm sitting here at work tonight and as always decided to read up on blogs. (ok so I dont have a very demanding job...) So I go to S.I.L.'s blog to see if she's posted any new pics of the niece (which always make me laugh) but to my suprise and almost cause to sink into a state of depression I find a full blog about her paying $375 to see 5 grown men dance around on stage like they are making some form of come back. Dont get me wrong, I couldn't do it myself, but then again I never claimed to be in a boyband. Now yes, I did pay a pretty penny back in the day to go see the Black Sabbath Reunion Tour, but PLEASEEEE you cant compare New Kids on the Block to Ozzy!! So that all being said I realized that if these Old Kids on the Block can charge that kinda money to get on stage after being M.I.A. for YEARS, Im in the wrong line of work. Her blog, while making me feel very sorry fo her, has also inspired me to follow the money. I have composed my own "man band". We will start the touring in early spring. Tickets will be starting at $75 and ranging up to $200. We will also do the meet and greet package for an extra 6 pack. Below is a pic of the guys. Ladies, please no throwing underwear on stage!!!